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At the mountain range of Pindos in central Greece, which is the biggest mountain range of the Greek peninsula (250 km long and 70 km wide) and supplies the 2/3 of the Greek population with water, is there the peak of the Athamanika Mountains (Tzoumerka). These mountains are famous for their rare beauty and ecological value and are protected by the protection network NATURA 2000.

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Athamanika Mountains constitute of a group of beautiful villages and traditional settlements surrounded by gorges, canyons and steep mountains. The mountain terrain and the clear rivers of this area enchant the visitors, as they, at every step, intensively feel the territory’s tradition and history.



At the peak of the Athamanika Mountains (Kakarditsa 2,429 m.) there springs a stream called “Aspropotamos” (=white water), which owes its name to its very clear and rushing water. Aspropotamos supplies our “Athamania Fish Farm” with water, thus creating ideal conditions for the growing of quality fish.




 The company “Athamania Fish Farm”, which has been operating since 2004 and is specialized in trout growing, is a family business. Its owner and production manager is George Kallos, agriculturist-pisciculturist.



Trout is a river fish (fresh water fish) and belongs to the family of Salmoids. It lives in clear running water, whose temperature falls to 3o C in the winter.



Trout is a food of a very high nutritional value (protein, fat, vitamins A, B, D). It contains unsaturated fat and particularly fatty acids omega-3, which are used to the production of medication for reducing blood clothing and cholesterol and for the prevention of stroke.


“Athamania Fish Farm” has been certified by the ISO 22000 system of certification and food control.

Our passion for the “gourmet” philosophy of life drove us to an eclectic taste research and the creation of smoked trout only with natural ingredients and without any chemical preservatives or other additives.

Our priority is the highest possible quality of our products, so that our clients can enjoy a healthy live or smoked fish with excellent flavor, which is utmost beneficial for their cardiovascular system with its omega-3 fatty acids.







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